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Judeo/Christian Mythology will be exposed by the documents of the Palm Beach Christian Group.

Only by DEMOLISHING the Myths of the Judeo/Christian Church
(by definition "
Lukewarm") can we hope for the "Salt to regain its Saltiness."
Only if the Salt regains its Saltiness can we hope for the Restoration of the Kingdom. 
(Has the False Church been
"trodden under the foot of man" (Matt 5:13), enough??)
(That "man" is Antichrist... not in the future)
Judeo-Christian Doctrines are based on New Testament (N.T.) Scriptures taken out of context. Context refers to the ideas in the surrounding texts. Unless stated otherwise, harmony implicitly exists among statements in a textual environment. As in the physical environment, textual considerations can be seen as circles of proximity. Even so, an entire writing exhibits commonality.
The over all context of every single Scripture in the Bible. . .
. . . is the Bible, itself.

Taking selected N.T. Scriptures, and interpreting them so that the meaning contradicts well founded principles of the entire O.T. is not only intellectual dishonesty, it is heresy. -- Jesus Christ quoted Scripture -- which we now call the Old Testament -- and He never denied any O.T. Scriptures.

In fact, one of the favorite N.T. quotes of the N.T. Christians to show that the N.T. is totally different from the O.T. is a principle of the O.T. Love you enemies comes from Leviticus 19:17-9!! The O.T. says love your enemies, and hate your enemies. But, there is no contradiction. As you can see, below, the essential element that distinguishes the injunctions is the racial consideration.

Leviticus 19:17-18 (New American Standard Bible)

17 'You shall not hate your fellow countryman (an Israelite) in your heart; you may surely reprove your neighbor, but shall not incur sin because of him. 

18 'You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the LORD.

Therefore, to interpret Paul's writings in such a way that a conflict exists between O.T. and N.T. is heretical!! Indeed, it is heresy to call oneself a New Testament Christian. The very concept, thereof, is rooted in New-Testament-Christian-Interpretations.
Those New-Testament-Christian-Interpretations of the N.T. obviously conflict with the O.T., or there would be no such label. So, as all Scripture is the Word of God, N.T. Christians make God, Himself, a liar.

Indeed, these over-coiffed peacocks have elevated the only uninspired page in the Bible to the status of something superior to God, HimSelf. . . . 
What is the only uninspired page in the Bible? . . .

. . . The title-page of the "New Testament."

Go To The Whole Bible Context

To Demolish the False Church that is affected by the World, and has NO EFFECT upon the World click the links, below.
What happened to the True Church?? ...

The Resurrected Christ ...

          Separated the Sheep from the Goats. (past tense)

The "Resurrected" Antichrist (ref:: Rev 13:3) ...

          Rejoined (himself) the Goats to the Sheep.

Antichrist Law and the DOUBLE MINDED NATION!!!

From 1861 to 1962 the Spirit of the Land changed.

     The Spiritual affects the Physical
     The Physical affects the Spiritual

     So we look at the physical to see what happened in the spiritual.

Think ... about the source of your beliefs as you ...
Look at . . .
To Destroy the Republic

Republic to Empire
Think ... about the source of your beliefs as you ...
Look at
God's Hand on America from 1620 to 1949.

Find out IF YOU CAN TAKE The ...
Bible Flow Chart Challenge for Judeo/Christians
How is the TRUE Israel, the
wife of God, to stop awhoring??

The Kingdom of Christ is going to be Re-Established as Prophesied in Ezekiel 36...

Christ is not a tyrant; He will not force himself upon us. So, ... Like any woman*, We must choose to join the Way of our husband; we must choose His Word as our Law, as we did before the over-throw of the Kingdom. (1947 - 1969)
(To understand the marriage between YHWH and (true) Israel go to:

"Ingredients of the Truth" discusses some of the differences
Click the items below to listen.

Click the Links and Let's get our faith back; for without the Faith we cannot make Christ King, i.e.. re-establish the National Relationship. ... Only by re-establishing our national relationship to God, i.e.. Covenant Relationship, can we hope to see the Restoration of the Kingdom... Only by debunking the False or Lukewarm Church can we hope to re-establish the Covenant Relationship...

The "N.T. only" Judeo/Christian -- the "John 3:16"-- Church ...

... makes God sick!!! (Rev 3:16)

With the Bold Spirit of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Paul,
the Palm Beach Christian Group demolishes the Myths of Judeo/Christianity!!!
... The
"Fabels..."(Tit 1:14)

-- Get the Kingdom History.
          * "Generally, the women of any society reflect the righteousness (obedience to God) of that society." -- 
               J.D Self :  "America's a bitch... " ... Because... 
               The men have rejected God's Law.
The Anti-Biblical Doctrines of the Beast that we learn by worshipping the "Image of the Beast" are WITCHCRAFT: The Spell makes us BLIND to the warnings from God: The Plague of Locusts (Rev 9:3)(Ezek 36) which is also evidence of the release of Satan...(Rev 20:3; 12:12) (You need our Kingdom History.)

After the Release of Satan, the invasion of Magog
(Ezek 38) and the Rise of Antichrist; ...

     Now, 50 years into the Reign of Antichrist began ...

The Church is... WITHOUT A CLUE!!!

In the article, Bloodlines, ... we will begin to look at the disparity between the MOST BASIC TEACHING of the Bible, and the Politically Correct teaching of Antichrist:
The Number One Demand
of the Antichrist upon the world translates into the number one doctrine of the false church that is "in bed with the Antichrist." ...Being in bed with the Antichrist makes the church Lukewarm.
And, the individuals of the Body are...

     "Salt...(that) has lost its savor."

Their internationalist doctrine accounts for the destruction of the Christian Race -- "Death of the West" -- by which the Antichrist intends to destroy, and is destroying Christianity, making himself god...

Baal Worship BY the False church:

The Judeo/Christian doctrine "All are One in Christ" is a classic example of ... misinterpretation of Scripture to JUSTIFY the dismissal of the Racial Message of the Old Testament -- the "Law and the Prophets" which Jesus explicitly said He did NOT come to dismiss or destroy. -- This is where we get "New Testament Christians," who wear out the New Testament in their Bible, and never crack the Old Testament. A "N.T. Christian" would be alien to Christ. ... Remember, He only had the "Law and the Prophets"; He did NOT have Paul's writings, yet He never repudiated any of the Old Testament.

Hence, N.T. Christians...
"know more about it than Jesus Christ."

Actually, they don't know Jesus Christ, at all; New Testament Christians (and other Judeo/Christians) only know the Pseudo-Christ of their own creation... They created a Pseudo-Christ (
Matt 24:24) to Antichrist specifications. You see, at all cost, Judeo/Christians want to avoid offending the ANTICHRIST. This is empirical evidence that THEY -- and the rest of the world... FEAR ANTICHRIST!!!

Spiritual Law - Defiled Land-med

Mystery of Lawlessness

Our people, like their leaders, secular and spiritual, FEAR THE ANTICHRIST: Look at EVIDENCE: an advertisement that is typical of advertising, today. The 'mythical' center of the advertising industry is on Madison Avenue, New York City. This industry is but one arm of the Antichrist "Mouthpiece," the "Power of the Air."

For Sunday School:

Download and Print the
Bible Flow Chart

Teach children the Faith of Our Fathers!!! ... Manifest Destiny is the application of national faith in the Promises of God: To teach our children about The Manifest Destiny of our Fore-Fathers, begin by telling them about Joshua:

Joshua and all Israel had Manifest Destiny in the Promised Land, and our Pilgrim Fore-Fathers had Manifest Destiny in the "New Promised Land" (Ref: 2 Sam 7:10) because they had faith...
God Blessed them for their Faith: Look at... God's Hand: (same as above)...
America's Scriptural "Lucky" Number 13

     Being under Antichrist ...
     We have forgotten how to SING.!!
     Sing this: "Stand UP for Jesus!"


We are adding proofs that destroy Judeo/Christian Mythology!!!

Are you ready to see just how ...

          Politically IN-Correct God is?? ...
          ... and, again ...

how Politically Correct the False Church is??...

          YOUR PREACHER IS ...

Go To:
... and There is NO Kingdom without a Covenant, i.e.. LAW.

Go To " 'Sex Sells' ... and destroys Kingdom Order."

          YOUR PREACHER should
          where God's Word is instructive to Officials.

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